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Together for Cardiff Discretionary Emergency Fund

If you are struggling to pay for food, fuel or repairs please visit the Cardiff Money Advice website for more information about the Together for Cardiff Discretionary Emergency Fund.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our need for volunteers and support for people experiencing financial difficulties in our communities has increased.

We have launched the Together for Cardiff Discretionary Emergency Fund to support those most in need.

The fund is available to individuals and families experiencing severe hardship, when all other options of support have been exhausted.

We have created the emergency fund to help with expenses such as:

  • paying for essentials like gas and electric when a household doesn’t have the means,
  • essential repair to a cooker or washing machine, and
  • essential furniture or equipment to address digital deprivation.
Together for Cardiff Emergency Fund launched for residents in need

If you would like to support families experiencing hardship in Cardiff, please donate to this fund.

Donate to the fund

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